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Being a professional, each judge knew what they were looking for in each design; uniqueness. The theme of this contest is Nature. As easy as this theme sounded, it was actually one of the most difficult because many people would end up creating something similar.


"What did you just say? Hoh~ Maybe I should tell your wife about that time when you saw that spider on the ceiling and thought that it was a roach and-" Zi Yan smirked as she blabbed out Chen Nan's secrets.


She naturally walked around the desk and sat on his lap with her arms wrapped around his shoulder. After settling herself in a comfortable position, she tilted her head to the two familiar figures in front of her. Like a dominant queen, her words sounded like commands to her fellow peasants, "Scram while you still can. Don't beg when you lose this chance. My last warning."


After a few seconds of silence, Lily laughed heartily, "You see, it's been a while since I've exercised. Haha, did you mention Tian Yuo having more power than me and that you're his girlfriend so I can't lay a finger on you? Well, goose, do some homework before making enemies with the wrong people. If you're telling me that your boyfriend is powerful, so that I can't make a move on you, then clearly, you don't know who my fiance is."


Susu made sure that Lily wore sunglasses and had her eyes closed before the lights reached her eyes. With the light shining through the bracelet that Lily was holding up above her chest, the spaces in-between, allowed some lights to shine onto the starry night area of the dress where the twinkling stars slowly connected like dots. The initials, Y.S., became visible to everyone's eyes on the dress.


She kept the pictures and videos on her phone just to bribe the professor to give her an A for the class. Even though she clearly knew that Kitty was suffering, she could care less about her as long as she received some benefits out of it,

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Chen Mu helped Susu throughout the entire round and left the other couple speechless. He waited until the useful action cards were used up by Lily and Lin Que before making a move. Lin Que was so close to winning and Susu had two properties with a thick stash of cash on the side.


He quickly reached for the box of tissues by the bedside, but she already swallowed it. Before an apology came out of his mouth, he heard a few giggles, "So this is how you taste like down there." His arms wrapped around her petite body and pulled the blanket on top of their naked bodies, "And how did it taste?"


"Yeah, if I had a sister, then we could be accompanying you everywhere~" Ariana giggled as each other them held onto Susu's arm.


Susu felt overwhelmed by what she had just witnessed. She rubbed her eyes and even slapped her face to see if she was dreaming. If reading someone else's mind couldn't be confirmed, then a moving glass could definitely be proof. Zi Yan turned around and invited Professor Luo Xia to join them, "dad, it's your turn."


"Hello? Hello?!! Brother Yuo!!!" Karen looked at the black screen and gritted her teeth. "Susu! Susu! How come you are so lucky to get Chen Mu by your side? I've tried to get close to him, but he would only look at you. So I was more than determined to take Tian Yuo from you. Now that I did, you end up with Chen Mu! Argh!!! And now this family is a mess because of the Chen's!!! Why do you always take everything that I want?!"


Ariana crossed her arm, "Susu is being targeted. This also applies to the whole Zi family and anyone closely related to her. You guys need to be cautious and high alert at all times from now on."


"Does it hurt because I'm pressing on it? If yes, lift one finger. If no, two fingers." She lifted two fingers up with her palms against her chest. As anxious and nervous as he was, he needed to be maintain his composure because only calmness could help him find a solution for her.



He rushed home right after buying ingredients for tonight's dinner because Susu told him that she would be home early. Upon entering his condo with three bags of groceries in his arms, he heard Susu's humming sound coming from the kitchen. Without saying a word, he quietly walked to where she was.



She took a deep breath and frowned, "Do I look like the type of mother who would let her daughter die in front of her eyes and do nothing about it? The operation that was done on me is not suited for her current situation. I've already taken her pulse while she was unconscious. The drug is currently trapped in her right arm, but if I use the same method from years ago on her, it could be fatal."


Once she said those words, the judges stepped forward and decided to be the witnesses for her. Lin Que walked out of the crowd with a shoe box in his hand. Everyone's eyes focused on him as Susu opened the box and brought out a pair of pastel pink slip ons with petals like strings dangling loosely.


Lily shouted, "no use in struggling. You reaped what you sow. The more you move, the worse Karma is going to bite your disfigured ass."

  • Professor Luo Xia and Zi Yan frowned slightly with visible creases on their foreheads. After a few minutes, Ariana broke the silence and asked, "What relations do you two have with Susu?" She put her elbows on the table, folded her hands and leaned forward. Both of them revealed a surprised expression when they heard her question.
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